New Website goes live!

Morson Group is proud to launch a new-look website.

Morson Group is proud to launch a new-look website.

Architects and project managers have long needed to keep up to date with technology to stay in the game. With BIM becoming the industry standard for project designs and development, that quest for knowledge has never been more important. In this day and age, one must choose to ride the wave of technology or else fall off the back of the wave and drift out to sea.

We at Morson Group have always had a passion for technology and it seems to be getting stronger all the time. This year we decided to script up our very own website.

A number of years ago we built our own Intranet from scratch called “MG Online”. After years of continual development, it has become a vital tool for our operations becoming a fully-fledged digital environment that we use on literally an hourly basis. The proof of its success is evident in our Management System accreditation (for ISO 9001, ISO45001 and ISO14001) which we achieved after only 5 weeks.

With the success of MG Online, we were inspired to apply our knowledge to our company website. Our mission? Not only spread the word about our business using the latest online tools and resources but also experiment to see how online scripting languages can further enhance the similar scripting languages we use in our BIM software.

The convergence between architects and programmers is becoming more and more evident. University degrees in both Architecture and Project Management now feature subjects & courses specifically designed to help students hone their computer scripting skills. As an employer, this is now a key element we look at in the recruitment process.

Another aspect of building a website is the graphic design component, another skill that architects must continually fine tune to present their designs effectively. The freedom and constraints of the online platforms present different challenges to those of traditional print media that architects are more accustomed to.

With the new Morson Group website live and 100% under our control, we look forward to experimenting with the more online scripting and design techniques. We hope that the new website experience is an enjoyable one for you and if you have feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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