What is an Integrated Management System (IMS)?

Morson Group’s Integrated Management System recently received accreditation.

Morson Group’s Integrated Management System recently received accreditation.

Most professionals in any industry will have heard of the International Standards Organisation (ISO) set of Standards. For example, a Quality Management System or QMS (relating to ISO9001) is quite well-known, not just in architecture and project management circles, but across almost all other professional industries. But what is meant by the term “Integrated Management System”?

Simply put, an Integrated Management System or IMS is where multiple management systems are adopted at the same time. This will likely include Quality Management System (ISO9001) but will include other management systems such as Safety Management System… and/or environmental and/or data security etc.

In 2019, Morson Group achieved JAS-ANZ accreditation for its IMS encompassing three different ISO Standards; Quality (ISO9001), Safety (45001) and Environment (14001).

The process of auditing and compliance was relatively quick given that our office systems and streamlined Intranet (known as MG Online) had first been conceived with future ISO compliance in mind when the company was first created. A few years on and compliance took only 5 weeks to achieve, a significant feat for a triple-standard IMS.

The International Standards Organisation recently made changes to various ISO Standards made the decision to reformat its various ISO standards so that they would have exactly the same structure, even down to sections & clause titles. This new format made Integration Management Systems much more manageable within an organisation.

Morson Group’s management felt it was important to push beyond just a quality management system. Both Safety and Environmental aspects are seen as important to our business and the work we produce. With the groundwork already in place with our existing systems and rich Intranet ecosystem, it was only logical to push our management systems to the next level and transform them into a fully-fledged IMS.

We’re proud of our team’s commitment to IMS compliance and we look forward to putting these systems to work on the upcoming projects for our clients.